About the Company

Kloves Inc. (Kloves), a Silicon Valley ServiceNow Partner, has been one of the most sought out implementation partners since our founding in 2011. Focusing solely on ServiceNow, Kloves technical expertise is highly rated and fine-tuned, increasing the value added to our implementations. Kloves operates mainly in the United States, with remarkable projects throughout the Bay Area, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado, and has custom implementation projects overseas in both Europe and Australia.

Since 2011, Kloves Inc. has been working closely with the ServiceNow Sales and Solution Consultant teams. Our initial training comes from both ServiceNow and Kloves Inc. to ensure fully knowledgeability of the product, services and the partnership. We participate in their corporate events and know them as a part of our team. We share our knowledge and our strategies to help streamline the sales cycle and are completely transparent to develop a successful partnership. We can confidently guarantee our customers that both Kloves and ServiceNow are going to be a coordinated, reliable presence during the whole duration of their project.

Our Senior Technical Consultants have over 8 years of experience with the ServiceNow Platform and average 15 years of experience in IT per individual. Every team member has been a ServiceNow Customer at a previous company, solidifying their experience as developers and consultants. They understand the struggles a company encounters, and the needs and requirements of each department. Having personally seen the benefit that ServiceNow brings, our Technical Consultants are a great source of knowledge and best practices.

Fast-Track Methodology

As a Professional Services Partner, our goal is to provide our customers with the best experience possible. We achieve this through our excellent understanding of the customer needs, customization of the project scope – we don’t work with templates and believe each project must be analyzed individually – and an extremely competitive price for the quality of our work.

We follow a Fast Track Methodology for every implementation, no matter the size. This is a simple process developed on extensive learning gather from successful implementations with our previous and current customers. Our implementation methodology includes:

  • Kick Off — Project Outline/Roles&Responsibilities
  • Discussion with Customer team
  • Sending Templates
  • Core Setup (configure the base layout)
  • Development
  • User Acceptance Test (UAT) and Demo
  • Sign-off
  • Go Live – Implementation Deployment

The implementation will take place in close collaboration with the customer to facilitate efficient communication and ensure that the project objectives are met and completed on time.

  • 100% Growth

  • Became known for its innovative solutions.

  • Reached 50 Customers

  •  First Custom App

  • Became a ServiceNow Partner